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Sweet Dreams 750 g

Sweet Dreams 750 g
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Food supplement


Perfect evening formula containing proteins with different absorption kinetics, on one side ensuring gradual release of valuable nutrients and on the other side providing easy and fast assailable type of protein in the form of isolate.The powder contains: micellar casein, ensuring a gradual release of valuable nutrients, concentrate and isolate of easily assimilable whey protein in a highly concentrated form and, in addition, collagen hydrolysate containing small peptides with the shortest possible time of absorption. 

Hydrolysed collagen contains ingredients which are vital building blocks for connective tissue which is, in turn, responsible for the proper healthy structure of the skin and its firmness and elasticity. The right level of casein content allows valuable nutrients to be gradually released within several hours of consumption. These characteristics make SWEET DREAMS LADY P.M. SHAKE a perfectDIETARY SUPPLEMENT for the night, aiding the full regeneration of the body. 

Effective regeneration after training means better fat tissue metabolism, a longer-lasting sensation of fullness and general improvement of well-being. Proper quality of muscle tissue allows you to maintain the appropriate definition, shape and firmness of the body. An optimum amount of protein in the diet is an important factor in weight control and maintaining correct tissue proportions. It is a fact that eating the right kind of protein products plays a huge role when it comes to the quality of muscle tissue, but, on the other hand, with this product you do not have to be afraid of excessive muscle growth! The low level of testosterone in a woman’s body is the main factor which prevents excessive muscle tissue growth. Additionally, maintaining an adequate caloric supply helps keep muscle mass within the desired limits, even when you are on a highPROTEIN DIET!

The corn fibre contained in the preparation is a source of a non-digestible carbohydrate fraction which improves digestion, absorbs fatty compounds from the gastrointestinal tract and enhances its cleansing. One of the preparation’s greatest advantages is the absence of gluten, which is present in most fibre products available on the market today. 

The raspberry extract (standardised to 98%RASPBERRY KETONE content) facilitates appetite control and improves fat tissue metabolism. Glucuronolactone is a vital component involved in the metabolism of energy compounds (especially carbohydrates) and supports detoxification of the body, whereas the addition of potassium supports proper electrolyte balance and reduces water retention. 


Nutrition declaration per portion 25 g 

Energy 364 kJ/87 kcal; Fat 1,5 g, of which saturates 1,5 g, Carbohydrate 2,7 g, of which sugars 1,7 g, Fibre 1,2 g, Protein 16 g, Salt 0,17 g, Vit. B6 0,24 mg (17,1%*), Potassium 303 mg (15%*), Magnesium 57 mg (15%*), Zinc 1,8 mg (18%*), Copper 182 µg (18,2%*), Raspberry fruit extract 300 mg of which Raspberry ketones 300 mg; Glucuronolactone 60 mg. *NRVs - nutrient reference values Available size: 30 servings / 750 g Flavours: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry


It serves as an excellent snack or as a replacement for desserts and sweets.
Forget about having a guilty conscience! You can eat this sweet and tasty meal knowing that you are doing your body a favour!
SWEET DREAMS LADY P.M. SHAKE is best used in the evening, before going to bed.
It is best used for example as:
- a tasty cocktail drunk on its own, based on water or milk, 
- a rich cocktail with added fruit, muesli, cornflakes or nuts,
- a component of home-made protein ice cream,
- a base for making tasty and healthy “bars” which do not require baking, in combination with muesli, nuts and coconut oil, 
- a combination with muesli, nuts and coconut oil,
- a base for making excellent mousse, in combination with, for example, peanut butter. 

Evidence of theBENEFITS of increasing the proportion of protein in the diet: 

Studies which analysed the impact of high-protein and high-carbohydrate diets with comparable energy properties, clearly showed that having a larger share of protein in one’s daily food plan has a positive effect on the ratio of body tissue components, blood lipid indicators, glucose and appetite control (through the feeling of fullness) during weight loss in adult women (Layman et al., 2003). 

Weight loss in a short period of time often requires a low-energy diet with a simultaneous increase in protein supply. However, as indicated in another experiment, supplementation with products containing proteins (especially whey protein) may help stabilize body weight over a long period of time, even without energy restrictions. The aforementioned studies showed that, during the experiment, the group using whey protein supplements had lower body mass (-1.8 kg), lower body fat mass (-2.3 kg) and a smaller waist compared to the group which used carbohydrate supplements with the same calorific value (Baer DJ et al., 2011). 

According to other authors who studied the impact of low energy diets on biochemical blood indicators, diets with high protein content have a greater impact on reducing the concentration of triacylglycerols, improved iron regulation (hemoglobin) and maintaining the better metabolism of vitamin B12 (M Noakes et al., 2005). 

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