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Burn off calories without exciting your heart rhythm!

The most remarkable breakthrough in slimming of the 21st century.

SVELTAX® FITNESS combines the most novel technologies and development in fat burning.  The product uses some fascinating newly developed technology as well as exciting natural ingredients. Nanox managed to engineer this all in one proprietary blend in order to bring the most advanced and state-of-the-art fatburning product. With SVELTAX® FITNESS you have the guarantee to gain in a short time THE BODY YOU WANT. 

The efficacy of SVELTAX® FITNESS were proven by 2 top level University studies (USA + France) and the results can be summarized as following:

Enhances thermogenesis

Enhances energy expenditure

Enhances fat oxidation

Reduces appetite level

Increases satiety

Reduces body mass, % of body fat, waist circumference

Not affecting blood pressure and heart rhythm seen the absence of caffeine

The science:

Capsaicin, the heart of the product

Probably nature's strongest but also hot fat burning substance. It is already known for a long time that Capsaicin has strong thermogenic activities. This mainly was proven in a series of studies at the University of Tokyo and the Laval University in Canada. Capsaicin was demonstrated to increase temperature while eating a meal rich on paprika's or red hot chilli peppers.

But the substance really is hot and need some extra precautions to swallow this safely. That's where modern technology will come beside. Nanox Nutriceuticals uses a special delivery system into which the Capsaicin is incorporated into small microspheres, each forming a thermogenic heat pump. These pumps only release their heat after passing the stomach so that the substance safely can be taken by the customer.

A clinical study has monitored that Capsaicin, taken in this way, can increase calorie burning for more than 300% during the hour after ingestion! In the same study, results combined with fitness even show more spectacular results. For the first hour after fitness training (or other physical activity), the calorie-burning even was 12 times more intense compared to baseline! This all results in an incredible extra calorie burning when taking SVELTAX® FITNESS in combination with exercise.

But not only in combination with exercice, also in day-to-day life SVELTAX® FITNESS demonstrated its great activity supporting slimming programs for obtaining normal weight loss.

No excitement

A very interesting feature is that Capsaicin works completely different from caffeine and hence not exciting heart rhythm or blood pressure.

Research has shown that capsaicinoids stimulate a chain of physiological events that aid lipolysis (the breakdown of fat), which can be expected to positively affect body composition. Researchers have shown that Capsaicin itself is capable to breakdown in this way a one-pound body fat in a two week period without any specific exercise or support from diet, compared to placebo (Tsi 2003).

Additional action - appetite reduction

Several studies have found that the addition of capsaicinoids to the diet causes a reduction in ad libitum energy intake during subsequent meals - in other words, eating capsicum at breakfast causes a person to eat fewer calories at lunch. A dramatic example of hot pepper's appetitesuppressing capability is illustrated by a 2001 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition (Yoshioka 2001). When subjects ate 22 grams of hot pepper, providing 66 mg of capsaicinoids, plus 800 mg of caffeine spread out over a 24 hour period, they had a negative energy balance of 956 kilocalories compared to the placebo group.

A combination with chlorogenic acid

Capsaicin in SVELTAX® FITNESS is complemented with highly dosed Green tea and with Svetol® (Green coffee extract, decaffeinated). Both products are rich on antioxydants EGCG and polyphenols for which an additional effect to the Capsaicin is demonstrated. However the Svetol® is much more important for its high dose of chlorogenic acid. This remarkable substance is capable of slowing down the uptake of sugars and block the breakdown of glycogen into glucose, in this way forcing the body first to use its fat reserves to burn in energy instead of the stored sugars.

As a result SVELTAX® FITNESS is not only a very strong fat burner but also a selective one, forcing the body first to use its fat reserves so that the result in fat burning activity in this way will be maximized.


SVELTAX® FITNESS is presented in a blister pack containing 30 vegetable capsules - 1 month supply.

SVELTAX® FITNESS is presented in a blister pack containing 60 begetable capsules - 2 month supply or 1 month boost dosis (2 Vcaps a day)


Get the body you want!

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