Recuplex® Recovery Drink

Recuplex® Recovery Drink
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Price: €35.00
Manufacturer: Nanox



Active athletes are losing water and electrolytes during training and competition and are expending a lot of energy, resulting in depleting carbohydrate and protein reserves.

So, a professional recovery drink has to replenish all of these elements in an efficient way and will bring to the body:

  • water, in order to compensate the loss on fluids
  • carbohydrates, in order to recover glycogen reserves
  • proteins, bringing back the amino-acid reserves to a proper level
  • electrolytes, restoring the body’s salt balance and speeding up rehydration

A correct balance of all these elements in a drink is very important. Excessive salt supplementation during or after exercise may lead to gastro-intestinal disturbances, causes impairment of the fluid balance and may cause salt-induced cramps. A (too) high amount of carbohydrates slows down stomach emptying, leading to a heavy feeling, and is slowing down liquid uptake as a consequence. So, an optimal balance between all four basic elements in a recovery drink is elementary!


NANOX RECUPLEX is a highly professional recuperation drink showing an optimal balance between carbs, proteins and electrolytes.


First of all, RECUPLEX is an ISOTONIC DRINK with an osmolarity of 250 mOsmol/l, corresponding with the osmolarity of a healthy, well hydrated body in rest. This isotonic character is the best guarantee for a correct and fast uptake of water when drinking and so increasing recovery. An athlete who lost between 3 to 6% of fluid will have his endurance and power decreased by almost 30% and have a difficult time to recover unless a perfect rehydration after exercise.


RECUPLEX is presenting 54 gram of carbohydrates per liter of drink. Ideally a recuperation drink contains between 40 and 80 gram of carbs, divided over fast, medium and slow absorbing carbs. RECUPLEX contains dextrose, fructose, saccharose, maltodextrin, WAXY MAIZE and two modern long acting crabs: PALATINOSE and TREHALOSE.

This giving a complete pallet of carbs for a full replenishing on glycogen and energy. Swedish researchers demonstrated that replenishing of a mixture of more than 5 carbs leads to a refueling of more than 60% of the glycogen reserve compared to less than 20% for dextrose or maltodextrin alone.


RECUPLEX also contains 21% of proteins with PEPTOPRO®, an ultra- hydyrolyzed casein protein as main protein source, completed with whey isolate and with L-glutamin for maximal amino-acid recovery.


Finally RECUPLEX contains an optimized electrolyte – mix encouraging digestion and the uptake of carbohydrates and water. Electrolytes have a dual face: after intensive efforts one need to replenish in electrolytes but a too high concentration on electrolytes have a perverse effect and will slow down the emptying of the stomach.

Sodium is one of the main electrolytes and necessary in every good recovery drink . For the absorption of each molecule of glucose, a molecule of sodium is needed. Sodium and glucose together are then stimulating the uptake of water.

RECUPLEX contains a low portion of sodium chloride but a high portion of sodium citrate and so is rich in sodium but poor in chlorine.


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