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Pure Muscle Carbs x 2.76 lbs/1.25 kg

Pure Muscle Carbs x 2.76 lbs/1.25 kg
Price: €16.00
Manufacturer: Ultimate Nutrition



Ultimate Nutrition's Pure Muscle Carbs is specifically designed to help athletes recover
from post-exercise strain and restore muscle strength and integrity quickly and
efficiently. Pure Muscle Carbs is a unique combination of carbohydrates from natural
sources, and contain no refined sugars. Furthermore, this powerful combination of
carbohydrates has neither fat nor cholesterol. Equally important, it has the pleasant flavor
of natural fruit punch or grape that is refreshing as much as it is nutritious. If you exercise
regularly, regardless of the intensity of exercise, Pure Muscle Carbs will help you to
restore muscle strength, enhance performance and promote good health.
Available in Grape or Fruit Punch, 2.76lb containers.

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