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Lipixor® and sport


Lipixor® is a state of the art thermogenic fat burner. Lipixor® is designed to oxidize fat and intensify energy production. The proprietary complex contains 4 ingredients that work synergistic.

Its cutting edge formula contains the influx-7® technology, which is a breakthrough delivery system (sustained release delivery system) allowing this product to evolve into a cutting edge, intense complex.

Lipixor® stands for:

• accelerated thermogenesis
• decreasing the storage of fat and burns off reserves of fat while lean muscle mass is preserved.
• increases the tonus of muscle tissue
• doubles the effect of controlled calorie diets
• intensive energy
• drains and eliminates water and toxins.


Lipixor® is backed by a double blind top clinical study, conducted over six months.


Lipixor®: your future in fatburning


Lipixor® in daily life for man and women.


For overweight people, Lipixor® will quickly and safely bring back your body contours to your genetic programmed silhouette.

Lipixor®: your shield against obesity.

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