Horse Power

Horse Power
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Price: €55.00
Manufacturer: Ultimate Nutrition



HORSE POWER This exciting new formula combines a stack of twenty essential ingredients that work synergistically to increase strength, stamina, recovery and blood-flow-vasodilation. Horse Power acts to increase Nitric Oxide production in the body for remarkable benefits. Nitric Oxide creates an anabolic environment in your body by increasing blood flow to working muscles to promote muscle growth, dilation of blood vessels, increased strength, and faster muscle recovery. Dilation of the blood vessels helps to increase blood flow to your muscles, bringing with it much-needed nutrients, oxygen and hormones. When you look at this formula as a whole, you'll see why Ultimate Nutrition’s Horse Power is receiving rave reviews from our customers. Available in Fruit Punch, Orange Blast, Watermelon & Lemon Lime, 1000g containers.

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