Glutapure (L-Glutamine USP)x400gr

Glutapure (L-Glutamine USP)x400gr
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Manufacturer: Ultimate Nutrition



Glutapure is the ultimate anti-catabolic preventing muscle wasting which lessens the
degree of muscle damage and soreness.  Glutapure helps the body to secrete its own
growth hormone which trigger's the release of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1).  This
hormone helps promote weight loss, increase lean body mass, and increase bone density. 
Glutapure neutralizes lactic acid burn in your muscles by releasing Plasma Bicarbonate
allowing you to work out longer and stronger.  Glutapure also increases your Nitrogen
balance to help you stay in a positive balance for optimal muscle growth.  Glutamine
enhances the health of your immune system and play's a critical role in the health of the
brain, lungs and liver.  Each bottle contains 100% premium pure glutamine, produced
TM using patented state-of-the-art Fermapure technology.  This innovative fermentation
process produces the highest quality, micronized L-Glutamine available in the world

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