German Forge Protein Professional + FREE SHAKER

German Forge Protein Professional + FREE SHAKER
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Protein Professional by German Forge®: The Muscle Sculptor from Germany!

The new Protein Professional from German Forge® . From beginners to professional bodybuilders, everyone will experience an advantage in Protein Professional, because each creamy shake provides high-quality proteins, fortified with all essential amino acids and minerals necessary for strength- and endurance training. Protein Professional helps to build rock hard muscle mass in the initial growth phase as well as for muscle definition. Prepared with the highest quality standard at the best price, Protein Professional not only benefits training fundamentals; advanced athletes also benefit from German Forge® protein’s valuable muscle building substances and the professional relief on the wallet. Each dose of Protein Professional provides enough energy for quick muscle recovery and building mass. German Forge®, the muscle sculptor from Germany is limited to the use of quality products and impresses with outstanding water solubility as well as refreshing, newly developed flavors, such as hazel nut, pistachio, chocolate and cookies and cream. In addition, the fast absorption protein mix is low in fat content, lactose free and provides an adequate amount of carbohydrates for quick post-training recovery.

First place for excellent quality at an unsurpassed price

Not only is Protein Professional a phenomenal bargain, it also contains only plant-based protein sources that will contribute to building a dream body in combination with regular exercising. Compared to many other concentrates, the glutamine-, as well as the arginine content is significantly higher in Protein Professional than in other protein sources. Protein Professional provides the optimal variety for a meal plan, delivering an adequate amount of protein and carbohydrates for a body sculpted with fire. These attributes make Protein Professional an outstanding supplement for bodybuilders, beginners and body conscious individuals. Unfortunately, many fitness buffs still exclusively depend on whey protein and forget about the effects of reciprocal valorization with different protein sources. Therefore, the new Protein Professional, whose plant-based protein components are enhanced to form a well-balances amino acid spectrum, is a true alternative to the traditional whey products.


Protein blend: wheat protein, soy protein isolate; maltodextrin, Hazelnut: low-fat cocoa powder, flavour,thickener: xanthan gum, sweeteners: acesulfam K, sodium cyclamate apartame* and saccharin-sodium. Cookies and Cream: flavours, rice-crispies (contains gluten), thickener: xanthan gum, wheat-crispies, low-fat cocoa powder, sweeteners: acesulfam K, sodium cyclamate apartame* and saccharin-sodium. Pistachio: flavour, thickener: xanthan gum, sweeteners: acesulfam K, sodium cyclamate apartame* and saccharin-sodium, colourant: copper-chlorophyllin. Chocolate: low-fat cocoa powder, flavours, chocolate powder, thickener: xanthan gum, sweeteners: acesulfam K, sodium cyclamate apartame* and saccharin-sodium.

May contain traces of egg, lupin and milk.
*Contains a phenylalanine source.

Nutritional and energy information per 100g of powder (Hazelnut):

393 Kcal / 1645 KJ Energy
63,1 g Protein
27,0 g Carbohydrates
2,6 g Fat

Essential amino acids per 100g of protein:

4200 mg Isoleucine (BCAA)
6800 mg Leucine (BCAA)
2200 mg Lysine
4200 mg Valine (BCAA)
5000 mg Phenylalanine
2700 mg Threonine
1500 mg Methionine
1000 mg Tryptophan

Semi-essential amino acids per 100g of protein :

2000 mg Histidin
1800 mg Cystein

Other amino acids per 100g of protein:

34700 mg Glutamine
4100 mg Asparagine
3600 mg Arginine
12000 mg Proline
4800 mg Serine
2700 mg Alanine
3200 mg Glycine
3500 mg Tyrosine


Mix 250 ml of water with about 2.5 XXL dosing spoons (50g) of Protein Professional.

Recommended consumption:

Daily as needed, up to 4 servings. Recommended before exercise or competition, and immediately after training and before going to sleep

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